EdAid Lender's Risk Statement

The terms used in this statement are defined in the EdAid Principles. EdAid enables you to make an Index-Linked (at CPI) Student loan to a student borrower(s) under individual Loan Contracts. EdAid is not a party to those Loan Contracts, but agrees to administer them on the terms of the EdAid Principles.

Before we allow each Borrower to receive your money, we make identity, fraud and where possible credit checks. We are a (pending) member of CIFAS, the fraud prevention service. We also use the Borrower’s course of study, academic performance and institute of study and certain additional Information that we verify, to assess the affordability of the loan. If we find that the information was inaccurate or deficient the Loan Contract will not proceed.

Your loans are repayable to you via your account at GoCardless in monthly instalments of principal and if relevant any inflation (linked to CPI). You lend your money directly to a student so if that student is unable to repay this may affect the timeframe over which your loan is repaid. Missed payments will be pursued by a collections agency, unless or until a default occurs or the Borrower dies or is unable to pay. The expected default rates are unknown at this stage, and you should invest in the full knowledge that your capital is at risk. (Comparable peer-to-peer platforms have default rates less than 0.2%)

Key Points

  • Your loan account and repayment schedules can be seen in your Account Profile.
  • EdAid does not charge an Annual Lender Fee or any other fees to our lenders.
  • The Loan Contracts do not contain security provisions, and you should be aware of that when making any decision to invest.
  • We do not hold client money at any time.
  • Your money does not form part of EdAid’s assets and would not be available to our creditors in the event of our insolvency.
  • We administer Loan Contracts in a way that ensures that the fees payable in relation to those Loan Contracts will be sufficient to cover the costs of administering them during any winding down process if we were to cease trading for any reason.
  • EdAid customers do not have recourse to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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