Borrow from the community. Interest Free.

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What We Do.

EdAid is a crowdfunding platform that enables a student to borrow towards the costs of university from the community, interest free.

A Student can borrow as little as £100, up to £30,000 with income based repayments only starting once they find a job post-graduation.

EdAid is responsible for collecting all repayments from graduates based upon 10% of their net income. Funds are then repaid to supporters or re-lent to the next cohort of ambitious students.

How We Do It.

EdAid supports all students with the right to work in the UK post-graduation, and provides fraud, identity & course verification within 24 hours.

Students create their funding appeal, and EdAid pushes that out to their social networks, friends, family & colleagues.

Supporters make small impact investments into the student via the platform. Adding a layer of community endorsement, no other ‘funding source’ can match.

Why We Do It.

EdAid believes that every student should have access to fair, affordable finance.

We facilitate affordable, community capital to transform academic potential and intellectual curiosity; into the next generation of leaders, creators, & change makers.

We do not stop at the point of funding. Rather our role is to empower, enable and support each cohort to become highly employable, self-starters with the ambition to build better, every day.

How Much Does it Cost?


Interest Fees


One-Time Facilitation Fee*


Ongoing Management Fees

CPI Inflation-Linked

(10% net monthly salary)

* EdAid charges students a one-time only 5% Facilitation Fee. This charge covers all of our technological, system, security and data costs for administering the loan from start to finish.

That means for every £100 you borrow, you will receive £95 into your account.

How Does This Compare?

This is an indicative example of how Crowdfunding your Student Loan with EdAid could save you £0'000 in interest charges and years of indebtedness.

This example is based on a student borrowing £10,000, graduating year 2019 and earning £25,000 thereafter. This model assumes that the student finds a job on graduation and has an uninterrupted working career until the loan is repaid. There are no early repayments nor overpayments.

Our comparison assumes a wage growth at 4% per year, based on ONS studies going back to 1975 (2014) and once in work wages increase in Aug each year. Source: ONS

To compare costs more fully, head over to the cost comparison page

Who Is Eligible For Funding?

EdAid is designed for ambitious students who want to take control of their future.

Students need to be studying on an accredited course, and have the right to remain and work in the UK after their studies.

*We will be adding more countries in due course. Register today, and let us know if you’d like us to support students in your country.

What’s In It For Students?

For many students using EdAid will considerably reduce the cost of studying, and time spent in debt. Enabling graduates to get ahead with challenges like buying a home, starting a family or building their career.

The value of EdAid far exceeds just funding. It is a way to showcase who you are.Being endorsed and backed throughout your studies is incredibly powerful.

EdAid provides a route to getting hired during your studies, upon graduation & throughout your career that no other funding source can provide. Our team are on hand to help you get the job you want with our corporate partners.

What’s In It For Supporters?

Supporters have many reasons why they would lend to students. Generally, it is because they believe in and care about the student they are backing.

There are no interest charges on loans made via EdAid. As such a supporter will not get a profit-driven financial return, but all repayments are linked to inflation at CPI so they do not lose money over time.

The non-financial return that a supporter gets is enormous. Even a modest investment of £20 in a student can have a have a lasting, scaleable impact.

What About Corporate Support?

EdAid enables companies to re-allocate a chunk of their Graduate Recruitment & Student Marketing budget and invest directly in the best and brightest students.

By converting corporate advertising spend into an evergreen endowment, we can scale the total funds available and provide match-funding to students. Reducing acquisition costs while having a lasting social impact.

Matched funds are invested via the EdAid Foundation, and when repaid by a student, are then re-lent to another student who needs financial support. Growing the impact corporates can have over multiple generations.

“I am not a loan. I am not a statistic. EdAid enables me to take control of my financial future, showcase my talent, and collaborate with my community to fund my education.”

Hannah Cooper, Final Year Student - Royal Holloway

Backing the 99%

We have built EdAid to level the playing field for talented, ambitious students to access affordable higher education, & showcase their potential to future employers